Must Have Raspberry Pi Accessories

These are the Raspberry Pi accessory items I have on my workbench. I have collected these items as I worked on different projects and ideas over the last few years. This is not my “wish list of Raspi toys” but my true collection of useful items – I have used every item on this list or something very similar. Lets me know – What do you have on your bench?

Wireless mini-keyboards

21SDL Keyboard



I find these keyboards indispensable. I use them for setting up my Pis and for occasional use. Both are self contained including the keyboard and touchpad mouse. The 21SDL model has a rechargeable battery that lasts forever. One feature that I like about the on the 21SDL model is that there are both backspace and delete buttons. Both models come in either a bluetooth or USB RF adapter configuration. I use these with my RPis 2 so I choose the USB adapter version.

USB Wifi Adapter

Wifi b/g/n

For Pis without wifi this add on USB wifi adapter does the job. It’s cheap (less than $3) and works right out of the box using these instructions:

Portable Power

10Ah Power Bank

This battery makes my Pi 100% portable. It provides enough power to run the CPU and a small touchscreen for hours (maybe days).

HDMI to VGA & Audio converter


On my workbench I have several older VGA screens that I use with my Pis. This cable does the job of converting the HDMI output to the VGA standard. It even has an audio out that I use with external speakers. I have heard that the Pi cannot power these adapters. I have not had that problem but there is a power in on the converter if that happens for you. BTW – the audio out on these converters is awesome. Much better that the standard audio out on the Pi itself.

Retro Game Controllers

Retro 5 pack

Mame Set

Going to run RetroPie? The 5 pack includes all the retro controllers from a time when games were great. Each controller connects via USB. Thinking about building a Mame cabinet? Then what you need is a button/joystick set. This is a full DIY set but don’t worry – it isn’t complicated. In an upcoming post I will show how easy it is to setup these button sets. To make it foolproof, this set connects via a USB driver board.

DIY Raspi Electronics Making

The Raspberry Pi was made for real world interfacing. These parts are all on my must have list.

Breadboard and jumpers

To start, get a breadboard and jumper wires – build up your prototype interfaces on these. You’ll need both female and male ends on the jumpers. The set linked here has a combo pack of all types.


Breakout board and cable – Connect the Pi to the breadboard with this specialized adapter.


IO Expansion card (HAT) – This provides an easy way to connect wires to RPi output pins. The grey connectors are quick release making it easy to connect and remove interfaces.

Prototype board

Prototype board – So, you are ready to build something a little more permanent. This prototype board has a HAT form factor and a full breakout of the 40 pin PI header.


LEDs – These should get any blinky lights project started.
That’s it for now. But, I am always adding to my collection and I’ll update this list as I find useful items.